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If conquering challenges was an Olympic event, Junia Georges-Vaughn would be a gold medal winner!


When she was 21, she started her modeling and acting careers by winning a talent show and a contract by singing, “He Still Loves Me” from the film, “The Fighting Temptations” starring Beyonce and Cuba Gooding Jr. Her prize was a one year contract with a company in Atlanta.


Junia soon discovered she was pregnant and put her new-found careers on hold and moved back home.  She worked at various jobs during this challenging time. Dealing with derision and people thinking she was a failure, she was determined to succeed and put her mind to maintaining her dreams and her vision.


Her mother always wanted her to finish college and Junia was determined to fulfill her mother’s dream for her. Junia was a Communications major at Alabama State University from 2003 to 2005, taking some theater classes as well. In 2007, she also attended Palm Beach Community College, which is now Palm Beach State College.


When she was 26 and her son was only three years old, Junia returned to college and, pressing through despite financial and child care challenges, she finally finished her B.A. degree in 2011, majoring in Media and Multi-Cultural Studies and Communications from Florida Atlantic University - FAU - in Boca Raton, Florida. She is the first and only person to date in her family to graduate from college. Quite an accomplishment!JUNIA VAUGHN


Junia was married the same year and her mother died from cancer only two days after her wedding, which was a profound loss to her.  After grieving and knowing that her mother’s wish for her had been fulfilled, Junia decided to return to her first loves -- modeling and acting.  Knowing that her mother wanted only the best for her, she continued to find work in fashion shows, plays, and local theater in South Florida to build her resume.  Junia is currently self-employed as a multi-hyphenate: actress – model – writer – and speaker.


“My goal is to act and help produce movies that inspire people,” she stated ambitiously.


Balancing a budding career, a son, and a marriage can be challenging, and she has a great deal of emotional support from her husband Ken.


"I support my beautiful and loving wife to pursue her dreams,” he commented.  “She has a God given talent and with His help, she will reach her life goal.”


Junia has been selected for extra work in South Florida as an actress and in commercials, appearing in “Burn Notice” and in “The Glades – Season 4”.   She has also been an extra in three commercials – Lebron James’ Nike commercial, Armin Van Buuren’s Heineken ad, and Dick's Sporting Goods.


Being a communications major, Junia’s day job over the past year is as the media consultant/liaison for Chu Chu Productions, which led to one of her other performances. She was asked to step in at the last minute for one of their improv groups.


Veronica Walters, CEO of Chu Chu Productions, was impressed, “Junia has exemplified extraordinary skills and very professional behavior.  She has been noted to work with a spirit of excellence alongside our team of professionals. She is not afraid to step outside the box and take hold of new opportunities.”


Junia has had to be assertive to succeed and her belief in herself has served her well.  Veronica Walters continues to confirm this, “This boldness in Mrs. Vaughn acted as an asset to our company when we needed an extra actress on board.  She immediately stepped up to the plate and answered the call of new opportunity. She always took our breath away and left us flabbergasted to see such raw and gifted talent in such a young woman as herself.”


Junia’s comedy and improv appearances include: the improv group, “Art Fusion” in Philadelphia and Florida. She had one of the lead roles in “T.A.B.S. – Talking about Bullies Society,” produced by from LaFay Productions.


Shawntaria, one of her colleagues from the production, remarked, “It has been a pleasure working with Junia in stage plays. She is very passionate about her craft in the arts. She also brings her characters to life and she gave a stellar performance. I believe she will continue to go higher in this industry.”


Catrina L. Bush, of LaFay Productions, believes that Junia has all the qualities that will guarantee success when she said about her, "Quitters never win and winners never quit, for she is destiny driven.”


Veronica Walters again complimented Junia’s talent, “We would like you to know that she is the total package, professional, punctual, young, beautiful, talented, eager to learn, respectful, honest, she works well with others, and has a thorough knowledge of the chain of command in the work place. It is our pleasure to disseminate to you the asset and gem you have found when you have her aboard your prestigious company.  She has and always will have a seat aboard our train.”


Annette Gray, CEO of Rainbow Marketing, Inc., DBA Global Business Development Center, commented, “Junia G. Vaughn is one of our change maker actresses. Her ability to improv keeps us laughing at each performance. She has a unique talent and we love having her on our ARTFusion team.”


Oddly enough, Junia was not involved with theater or performing when she attended Atlantic High School in Delray Beach, Florida because “My path was medical,” she confirmed. But she took a different journey when she found an interest in communications, as well as acting and writing. She continues to write scripts, ideas for films and TV series, and plays.


Her lovely voice can be heard on Sundays in her church choir, where she has been active since she was a little girl. She likes singing, yet laughs, “I have a choir voice.  I’m not sure about a solo voice!”


Junia Vaughn has overcome incredible odds and her determination, drive, and beauty will take her far.  And with all the emotional support from her husband, agents, and colleagues, it looks like it will happen!


Junia’s representation includes three Florida agencies:


Bianka Krausch, Owner/Agent

Talent Direct South Florida and Beverly Hills, CA

office:  561-276-4220

Cell:     317-514-4415

Fax:      305-675-3203


Dana West, Booking Agent

Avenue Model & Talent Agency

1995 E. Oakland Park Blvd.

Suite 315

Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33306

Office (954) 561-1226


Famous Faces

Donna-South Florida

Work: 954-341-0588





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